Welcome to Traveller’s Well in 2014

Hello to all our visitors, my name is Simon and I am pleased to have been given the role as moderator of the Traveller’s Well site. It has been a long time since the site was updated, and there has been plenty happening.

To update you on the highlights…

  • The Bethells arrived in Port Augusta in January 2012, and we began meeting as a house church not long after.
  • Currently there are about 4 families attending our regular Sunday afternoon meetings, with as many children present as adults
  • Traveller’s Well is now officially Incorporated, having held our Inaugural General Meeting in late 2013
  • At the IGM mentioned above the constitution of the church was ratified, and I will upload these soon.

I will be endeavouring to make sure all information is kept up to date and to post regularly to keep you all informed.

Yours in Christ



Welcome to Travellers Well.  More of an idea than a reality at the moment.  We are a family who are moving to Pt Augusta in January 2012.  We are wanting to explore ways of “being church” in a smaller, accessible, down to earth, Aussie way.  It’s an adventure for us in many ways into uncharted territory.  We are looking for other travellers to join us on this adventure.   Is that you?  We’d love to meet you!