Welcome to Traveller’s Well in 2014

Hello to all our visitors, my name is Simon and I am pleased to have been given the role as moderator of the Traveller’s Well site. It has been a long time since the site was updated, and there has been plenty happening.

To update you on the highlights…

  • The Bethells arrived in Port Augusta in January 2012, and we began meeting as a house church not long after.
  • Currently there are about 4 families attending our regular Sunday afternoon meetings, with as many children present as adults
  • Traveller’s Well is now officially Incorporated, having held our Inaugural General Meeting in late 2013
  • At the IGM mentioned above the constitution of the church was ratified, and I will upload these soon.

I will be endeavouring to make sure all information is kept up to date and to post regularly to keep you all informed.

Yours in Christ